KPJ Putri Johor Successfully Builds Relationships and Improves Health of Karimun Residents

BATAMCLICK.COM– KPJ Putri Specialis Hospital, Johor, Malaysia has successfully built a relationship with the people of Karimun through a dinner event, health discussion, and talk held at the Ball Room Hotel Aston Karimun on Thursday (16/2/2023) evening.

The Chief Executive Officer of HM. Sani Karimun General Hospital, Dr. Rosdiana expressed her delight during the event, saying that many benefits can be gained from the meeting. Besides strengthening the relationship, the event also provides valuable information for the Karimun community that cannot be treated at the HM. Sani General Hospital. Even those who have financial resources can choose to seek treatment outside the region such as in Batam City or at KPJ Putri Hospital in Malaysia.

“Through this meeting, we can further strengthen the relationship between the Karimun community and KPJ Putri. Hopefully, with this event, new health services that are not yet available here can be introduced to the Karimun community,” said Rosdiana.

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After the dinner, the event continued with a relaxed health discussion. KPJ Putri presented a specialist doctor, Dr. Ganesh Palani, who explained about three diseases commonly suffered by the community, namely diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease. Dr. Ganesh Palani also provided tips to avoid these three diseases, such as exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, and so on.

“To prevent these three related diseases, we need to be active by doing activities like jogging, and even when we are at home, we must continue to exercise to sweat. In addition, maintaining a healthy diet is also essential,” said Dr. Ganesh Palani. ***

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