Vice President Ma’ruf Amin Inaugurates Riau Islands Ramadan Fair 2024, Emphasizes Growth of Halal Economy

BATAMCLICK.COM: Vice President (Wapres) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, accompanied by Mrs. Hj. Wury Ma’ruf Amin, inaugurated the opening of the Riau Islands Ramadan Fair 2024 (KURMA 2024) at the Sirih Monument Courtyard, Tanjungpinang, on Friday (15/03).

The opening of KURMA 2024 was marked by the ribbon-cutting ceremony performed by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, witnessed by Riau Islands Governor H. Ansar Ahmad and the Head of the Bank Indonesia Representative Office for the Riau Islands, Suryono.

After cutting the ribbon, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin inspected various MSME service booths provided during KURMA 2024. Services provided include halal certification, zakat and waqf corner, BPOM (Indonesian Food and Drug Authority), NIB (Investment Registration Number) and PIRT (Food and Drug Registration), packaging clinics, National Industrial Information System, intellectual property rights, and Islamic financial institutions.

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In his statement, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin appreciated Bank Indonesia’s Representative Office for the Riau Islands Province and the Regional Committee for Sharia Economic and Financial Affairs (KDEKS) for organizing KURMA 2024 and the International Seminar on Halal Products Go Global, which aligns with the directives of the National Committee on Sharia Economic and Financial Affairs (KNEKS).

“All of this is done to enhance Indonesia’s position. As we know, we used to be in ninth place, now we are in the halal industry and halal tourism is in the first position,” said the Vice President.

He hoped that this activity would encourage the growth of Sharia economic and financial sectors in the Riau Islands while also raising public awareness of halal products and services.

“We hope that other regions can follow the initiative taken by the Riau Islands,” said the Vice President.

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KURMA 2024, held for 10 days from March 15 to 24, is a strategic step for accelerating Sharia economic and financial development in the Riau Islands. This event serves as a platform for businesses, communities, and the public to collaborate in strengthening an excellent and sustainable Sharia ecosystem.

KDEKS of the Riau Islands has arranged a series of KURMA 2024 events, including competitions for outstanding Islamic boarding schools, exemplary zakat and waqf institutions, exhortation campaigns, exhortation content competitions, fashion design contests, halal chef competitions, young Sharia entrepreneurs, creative dance competitions, pantun (traditional Malay poetry) exchanges, and other local competitions.

In addition to competitions, seminars, waqf trustee certifications, waqf movements, exhibitions of halal MSME products, export business matching, affordable food movements, and Ramadan Bazaars will be held.

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This activity is expected to strengthen the Sharia economic and financial ecosystem in the Riau Islands in line with KDEKS’s vision, which includes improving the halal industry, strengthening Islamic financial institutions, optimizing social Sharia finance, strengthening digital Sharia businesses, and enhancing infrastructure and collaboration with stakeholders.