35th Anniversary, Turi Beach Resort, Batam Holds Blood Donation

BATAMCLICK.COM: Turi Beach Resort, a 5-star resort, is located in the Nongsa tourism area. This luxurious resort was inaugurated by Soesilo Soedarman, the Minister of Tourism, Post, and Telecommunications (Menparpostel) at that time.

To this day, the resort still exists and serves guests. Both international and domestic tourists. It has become a leading tourism service facility in the Nongsa tourism area. It has 140 rooms of various types, on an area of approximately 7.7 hectares, facing the sea and white sandy beach. Now the historic resort is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary, the management of Nongsa Resorts, the parent company that manages Turi Beach Resorts, Nongsa Point Marina, and Nongsa Village, organized various activities. One of them is a blood donation activity in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Batam City.

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The blood donation event was held in the โ€œBallroomโ€ Hang Lekir, Turi Beach Resort, Batam, on Friday, June 7, 2024. A total of 135 people registered, but only 62 could donate blood. They voluntarily came to donate their blood with the help of medical personnel from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Batam City. The participants were employees of Nongsa Resorts and the general public. The event started at 09.00. The donors came by registering and undergoing health checks by the medical team.

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Interestingly, guests staying at the resort voluntarily participated by donating their blood. Darren Janson, an Australian tourist, said, โ€œI am happy to help, donating blood for Nongsa Resort.โ€ He visited Batam with his family to enjoy the tourism in the Nongsa Resorts area.

At the same place, Gerald A. Hendrick, Nongsa Resorts Group Director, said, โ€œWe are together to donate blood as part of social service in the framework of the 35th anniversary of Turi Beach.โ€ He also said that this activity was carried out as a form of concern for the needs of the community. โ€œHopefully this activity will help the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Batam City, to be distributed to those in need,โ€ he concluded.

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A series of other activities were also held at Turi Beach Hotel. Management and employees together celebrated the 35th anniversary of Turi Beach Resort. Leaders and employees mingled together, gathered in the Hang Tuah Ballroom, the room decorated with golden-themed decorations, the event filled with the presentation of awards to dedicated employees and the cutting of tumpeng. The employees and management enjoyed the togetherness with joy.

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