Ricoh Japan Supports PWI Kepri’s Mangrove Planting Action on Bintan Island

BATAMCLICK.COM: Several Japanese companies represented by YL Forest Co. Ltd and Ricoh Group supported the mangrove planting initiative by the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) of the Riau Islands Province (Kepri) in Sungai Tiram, Penaga Village, Teluk Bintan District, Bintan Regency, Kepri, on Tuesday (6/2/2024).

“Since 2020, Ricoh Group has been providing support to Indonesian mangrove enthusiasts for mangrove planting activities here. This includes the mangrove planting initiative organized by PWI Kepri today,” said Ricoh Group’s spokesperson, Mai Takahashi, to reporters on Tuesday (6/2/2024).

According to Mai, in addition to Indonesia, the electronics company where she works also regularly conducts mangrove planting activities in Japan and the Philippines together with local mangrove enthusiasts.

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“We support this activity because of its tremendous impact on the environment. Besides absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2), mangroves also produce oxygen (O2) which is vital for life and the surrounding environment,” she said.

Meanwhile, President Director of YL Forest Co. Ltd, Naoto Akune, stated that their mangrove planting activities on Bintan Island have been ongoing since 2010.

“Back then, we started with an area of 2 hectares using the silvofishery concept, which combines shrimp cultivation with mangrove preservation. Now, the area has expanded further with the support of the local community,” he explained.

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Andi, Chairman of PWI Kepri, expressed his appreciation for the involvement of various parties, including Indonesian-Japanese mangrove enthusiasts, as well as YL Forest Co. Ltd and Ricoh Group, in the mangrove planting action in conjunction with National Press Day (HPN) 2024, which falls on February 9th.

“On behalf of the PWI Kepri board, we extend our sincere gratitude and high appreciation for the support of our Indonesian and Japanese mangrove enthusiast friends. God willing, this year’s mangrove planting activity will become a routine agenda every year in conjunction with HPN,” he said.

PWI Kepri’s mangrove planting action, together with Indonesian and Japanese mangrove enthusiasts, was attended by around 100 participants from PWI Kepri members and officials as well as the local community.

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It is estimated that the planting action, scheduled to last for several days ahead, will utilize around 50,000 mangrove seedlings on an area covering 5 hectares.***