PLN, ministry hold motorcycle conversion training in schools

BATAMCLICK.COM : State-run electricity company PT PLN and the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry are holding training and practice for the conversion of conventional gasoline-powered motorcycles to electric motorcycles in vocational high schools.

The program is a form of support from PLN to the government’s motorcycle conversion program which is an energy transition initiative in the transportation sector.

A training and practice program is being carried out throughout May 2024. It involves more than 70 teachers and students from nine vocational high schools in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi. The program aims to convert 160 motorcycles in the first stage this year.

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PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo in a PLN statement here on Sunday stated that the company fully supports the government’s motorcycle conversion program, which is an alternative for the community to use electric vehicles conveniently.

“PLN will go all out to develop the electric vehicle ecosystem in the country. Public interest in using electric vehicles is also increasing,” he said.

Regarding the conversion, he affirmed that since May 2024, PLN has been cooperating with several grade-A workshops to provide one-stop services for the conversion of gasoline-powered motorcycles to electric vehicles.

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The program targets not only motorcycles owned by teachers, students, and students’ parents, but also those owned by the general public. The general public can participate by registering at the selected vocational high school.

It covers conversion training for teachers and students, arranging type tests and changes to converted vehicle documents, and providing after-conversion services and guarantees for the motorcycle’s main components.

Going forward, in addition to vocational high schools, PLN is planning to cooperate with universities, including to develop the PLN Technology Institute (ITPLN).

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Meanwhile, the Energy and Mineral Resources Minister’s expert staff Sripeni Inten Cahyani stated that the government continues to encourage the energy transition through the acceleration of electric vehicle use in Indonesia.

This includes cooperating with stakeholders such as PLN, private companies, and the community to play an active role in the electric motorcycle conversion program.

“The government is inviting corporations such as PLN to collaborate to attract and facilitate people to convert gasoline-powered motorcycles to battery-based electric vehicles,” he remarked.

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