Indonesia seeks to optimize cooperation with Japan through JETRO

BATAMCLICK.COM : The Ministry of Industry is working to optimize industrial cooperation between Indonesia and Japan, leveraging research conducted by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

In a statement on Friday, Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said that JETRO Jakarta has played an important role in improving economic relations between the two countries.

He said that economic relations between Indonesia and Japan have improved through a series of activities conducted between businesspersons from the two countries to strengthen trade and investment relations.

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He made his remarks during a meeting with JETRO Chairman Ishiguro Norihiko in Tokyo on Thursday.

Kartasasmita said that JETRO benefited the industrial investment climate in the country through its 2023 Business Conditions survey, which sought to understand the business conditions of companies affiliated with Japan and located in Asia and Oceania.

The survey results provided an overview to the Indonesian government regarding the business preferences of Japan-affiliated companies operating in Indonesia, including factors considered advantageous in doing business as well as companies’ optimism for investment expansion.

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“JETRO’s research results can also be used as a consideration in the policy formulation process to increase competitiveness and maintain a good business climate in order to attract investment, either through business expansion or new investment,” he said.

Furthermore, Kartasasmita asked JETRO to carry out further analysis to accelerate investment from Japanese companies in Indonesia, considering that the quantum of Japanese investment in Indonesia is currently lower compared to Thailand.

“We ask that JETRO help explore the steps that need to be taken by the Indonesian government to increase investment,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Ishiguro said that his organization could play a role in bringing Indonesian and Japanese companies together to establish cooperation in desired fields.

“We will follow up on what the minister said,” he said. “Currently, we also have a business support desk to provide information regarding business relations with Japanese companies.”

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