Pancasila liberates Indonesia from dependence on foreign parties

BATAMCLICK.COM : President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) emphasized that Pancasila liberates the Indonesian nation from dependence on foreign parties.

The head of state made the remark as ceremony inspector during the Pancasila Commemoration Day in Dumai, Riau, on Saturday.

“The presence of Pancasila serves as a liberator from our dependence on foreign parties,” Jokowi stated, as monitored from here through the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube live broadcast.

He remarked that Indonesian people should be grateful, as Indonesia remains strong, stable, and united as well as has a growing economy in the midst of a world full of uncertainties and crises.

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Amid geopolitical tensions and rivalries, Jokowi urged the people of the nation to remain optimistic, as they can follow Pancasila that leads the nation’s direction.

“(It is) because we have solid social and cultural resources. We have human resources and abundant natural resources. Therefore, we must continue to strengthen the nation’s independence in the economy,” he explained.

He emphasized that Indonesia has consistently pursued a free and active foreign policy and fought for world peace.

Jokowi highlighted Indonesia’s growing role in international politics, as reflected by having successfully hosted the G20 and helmed the ASEAN chairmanship.

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He affirmed that Indonesia will continue to contribute to the world, including through the recently held World Water Forum (WWF).

“Activities in the international arena do not diminish our struggle to be independent in the economic field. We continue to strive for economic independence, including through industrialization in the country and downstreaming in various sectors,” he explained.

Jokowi underscored the need for Indonesia to actively utilize its strategic assets for the welfare of the people.

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