Minister asks civil service colleges to be more productive

BATAMCLICK.COM : Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has urged civil service colleges under the auspices of the Transportation Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMP) to become more productive and competitive.

“Teachers can give group-based and digital-based assignments to stimulate students to be more active, creative, and competitive in the campus environment,” he suggested in a statement received from his ministry here on Saturday.

The same day, he held a briefing for the academic community from a number of civil service colleges, such as the Indonesian Aviation Polytechnic of Curug and the School of Shipping and Science (STIP).

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During the briefing, he said that the curriculum of civil service colleges under the BPSDMP must be humanist, ethical, and futuristic.

“I advise that schools under the auspices of BPSDMP must have a humanist, ethical, and futuristic curriculum. Leave the culture of violence that has been very detrimental,” he stressed.

He also noted that the education sector in Indonesia has changed a lot, including in terms of introducing a more diverse syllabus, which ranges from economics and human relations to business competitiveness.

In addition, he said, almost all campuses in Indonesia are striving to improve in order to compete with the world.

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“You have to compete fairly in terms of achievement. The reason is, in the future, you will be the ones who will be in control in the transportation sector,” Sumadi explained.

He also emphasized the importance of “mega-shifting” in the world of education.

According to the minister, students must build their character and develop new skills to face the challenges of the future.

Awareness is needed from all parties, especially students, to make the reformation of BPSDMP colleges successful, he added.

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