Potentially, Women with Disabilities May Experience Layered Discrimination

BATAMCLICK.COM: The National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) states that women with disabilities are the most vulnerable group because they often experience multiple layers of discrimination in society.

Commissioner of Komnas Perempuan, Bahrul Fuad, explained that the societal condition, which still adheres to a patriarchal system, has positioned women as the secondary gender group from the beginning, thus placing women with disabilities clearly below that position.

“Our patriarchal society often discriminates against women, especially those with disabilities, making them the most vulnerable as discrimination can be layered,” said Bahrul Fuad during a discussion on “Facts About Women with Disabilities” held in Jakarta on Friday.

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He added that despite the rights of affirmation and reasonable accommodation now being guaranteed through laws and other legal frameworks, it does not immediately free women with disabilities from discrimination. This often leads to their basic rights not being fulfilled, such as education and decent livelihoods.

As an example, he mentioned many women with disabilities failing to obtain jobs because companies often prioritize male candidates with disabilities to meet the 2 percent affirmative action quota guaranteed by law.

Furthermore, he continued, women with disabilities often experience layered discrimination in terms of their social roles in society.

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Until today, they still encounter some members of society who believe that women with disabilities are incapable of raising children.

Consequently, this belief indirectly forces them to entrust their children to social services or to the closest family members without disabilities.

Even worse, he warned that such layered discrimination is often accompanied by acts of violence, whether verbal, physical, or sexual, because of the assumption that women with disabilities are powerless to report to law enforcement authorities.

Therefore, together with relevant ministries and institutions, they are intensifying advocacy and education about women with disabilities to the public.

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