People start to “hunt” school supplies ahead of new academic year

BATAMCLICK.COM : Entering the new academic year, people have started to shop for various school supplies in several markets in Medan City, North Sumatra, one of which was the Medan Market Center on MT Haryono Street.

Santi, one of the locals who shopped at the market on Saturday, said that she came to one of the largest markets in Medan to buy school supplies such as students’ uniforms, books, and stationery.

She said the market offers various school supplies with cheaper prices compared to modern markets.

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“I must save the money, as I could spend Rp1 million for school supplies, but here is cheaper, so I can buy more things,” she said.

A trader in the market, Patri, said that she welcomed the people’s enthusiasm, especially those who still want to shop in the market, instead of buying online.

“There are a lot of people, but my profits are less because I have already lost to online shop sellers. However, currently, it is better than last year, where there was COVID-19, my investment for the business did not return,” she said.

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She said that there is much more difficult competition in the market, as new traders like her have emerged.

“During this momentum, there are new traders. All people need work, so the competition is tough,” she said.

The school supplies at the Medan Market Center also vary in price depending on the brand and also the thickness of the books.

“Almost all traders have the same prices, depending on the brand and the thickness of the book. They range from Rp35 thousand to Rp55 thousand per pax,” she said.

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